Hotel Rooms Near Swamy Koragajja Aadisthala Kuthar

Swamy Koragajja is a popular deity in the Tulu Nadu region of Karnataka. Koragajja Daiva is known to be extremely powerful. There is a belief which we the people of tulunadu believe in which is if any of our belongings is lost or missing, we pray to koragajja and we will find it. Thousands of devotees visit the place. Koragajja is a Daiva (angellic entity) with whom we can pray for redressal of our problems. One of
the most popular Devotional temple in Mangalore. It&’s really serene and calm place, folklore has it that you can offer liquor, betel nuts and chakli to the deity and ask for wish to be fulfilled.

Hotel Rooms and Lodges:
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